iPod Nano
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It’s not uncommon to feel vulnerable when you’re walking alone at night, heading for your car in a parking garage, or traveling in an unfamiliar city. You also wonder whether you able to scream out loud for help in face of danger. The truth is that in a panicked state, the adrenalin surge can render you speechless.

In a threatening situation, just pull the chain of ila DUSK, it emits an ear-piercing, 130dB high decibel female scream that research has shown others are more likely to respond to than a traditional alarm, as well as disorientating an attacker. It actually screams louder than ambulance siren (130dB vs 120dB) ! It is so loud that people at blocks away still can hear the scream.

This innovative personal security alarm is designed to be kept on display as a fashion accessory – right where you need it to hand. Clip to your handbag, or use as a keyring. Designed by ila Security – helping women feel safer through stylish technology.